Frequently asked questions


When  you place your order we will give you an indication of the delivery time

Normally this will be between 1-4 weeks (ex transport time)

If you require your products sooner, let us know and we’ll look into the possiblities!


We can deliver to any country you like. You can always ask for estimated shipping costs.


We send send out our parcels with UPS or with FEDEX.


Unfortunately it is not possible to pick up your orders from our warehouse.

Depending on the destination:

Netherland: the next workingday
Europe : 2-5 days
Other. : 5-10 days

When your order is ready for shipment you receive a email with the track and trace.


Yes. In line with European law, you have warranty on our Auto Cool products.

You have two year warranty on our Auto Cool Products.

Send an email to  with a brief explanation of the problem. Don’t forget the invoice number and the relevant product number.

> When your product is not unpacked it may be possible to send it back to us.
> If your product is unpacked but not mounted, please contact us, we will check if we can take it back.

In all cases: first make pictures from the unpacked packaging and send them to us, stating our ordernumber and/or invoice number. mail to:

> If your product is (partly) mounted, unfortunately we cannot take the product back.


We have several options:


+31 313 410 585

Whats app:
+31 65186 3428

This depends on whether your product is in stock or we have to ordered it.

Stock item :  you can cancel your order as long as we have not yet shipped it.

Order item :  you have 14 days to cancel or change your order.
Please note : changing your order into an other product may cause a longer delivery time.


Yes you can. You can create an account on our main page at the top right.

No, this is not possible.

Please contact us for all your questions regarding your orders and / invoices.


+31 313 410 585

Whats app:
+31 65186 3428


Please contact us for help!


+31 313 410 585

Whats app:
+31 65186 3428

No, unfortunately not. But we are happy to guide you to your nearest dealer / adaption company.